Pat Lambrecht Hould - Abstract Artist
Pat Lambrecht Hould - Selected Paintings

"Highland Trekker "SOLD""
Mixed Media on Gold and Silver Leaf

I am setting up and early April 2014 workshop in Prescott, AZ if your interested in taking a Mixed Media workshop this is always a great one! It will be listed under Workshops on my website. Always in the process down loading some new paintings on the website so be sure and check those out. This summer I started a project with Doug Oliver. Doug is a national note artist from Prescott, AZ. We have been painting on the same canvas together. I start out with my mixed media backgrounds and then Doug does his magic on the. The results have been extremely exciting for both of us...I am pure color and Doug has a mixed palette, each complementing the other...neither of us dominate the end result, it is visually very exciting! Pat

My work is about a journey. Primarily abstract; it incorporates a love for experimentation with mixed media and color. I work on very large canvases that are gold, copper, and silver leafed. Using the leaf as a reflected light source under acrylic glazes creates exciting and constantly changing images with one's natural light source. The work is a process of building multiple design elements of collage and highly textured areas. It is a layered fusion of leafing, collage and acrylic glazes.
Featured in Fall 2003 issue of
Equine Vision Magazine

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