Current Issue:
Fall 2003


Indian Valley by Kim Vogee
Freed Spirits - 36" x 48" mixed media by Pat Lambrecht-Hould.

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Georgia's Champion by Kim Vogee
Georgia's Champion - 36" x 48" mixed media by Pat Lambrecht-Hould.

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    Abstract Yet True to the Horse
    - by Lea Rakali

      Primarily an abstract painter, Pat Lambrecht-Hould works exclusively in mixed media and has recently included horses as subjects. Her work is done on a gold-leafed surface where she uses the leaf as a reflected light source.

      In both paintings, Georgia's Champion and Freed Spirits the horses are obviously not in naturalistic settings, but they are about the idea of the horse by someone who's looked carefully at horses. Hould's strong composition seeks out the form of the horse fairly sensitively.

      While viewing Freed Spirits, you can sense the horses trotting forward, even in a totally abstract picture plane. It's interesting the way the two horses' heads oppose one another, but are still heading in the same direction.

      Georgia's Champion accentuates the beautiful line formed by the neck from the withers down to the head. It makes us appreciate the effortless stretch of this common movement of the horse that is an amazing thing to watch in real life. The horse is in a compact space, but doesn't feel cramped. The rendering of the legs in this stance is poetic and true to life at the same time.

      No doubt liberties have been taken as depictions of actual horses but they feel true. Pat Lembrecht-Hould's experimental use of color is exuberant, but the colors manage to keep their place in the overall scheme.

      Pat remarks, "My goal as an artist is to share my memories and experience of nature with people who walk down the same path I do. We need to transport our viewers into each painting and to encourage them to feel the wonder of it."

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